A peek into one of Dar-es-Salaam's finest dining arenas and food specialties with regards to its cosmopolitan ambience.


Eating in local taverns has always been more of a relaxing and soothing way of enjoying life and food at the same time, however,when you happen to be living in one of the most exotic cities in East Africa, food regardless becomes a very significant part of your itinerary. Dar-es-Salaam, being a cosmopolitan touchdown, offers a wide and mouth-gasping array of various traditions, cultures, nationalities and ethnicity; all displaying their diversity and oneness in one aspect-food.

Dar-es-Salaam city center offers you and utmost never-ending range of delicacies with various cultural backgrounds. Street food in this case forms an enjoyable and traditional food source and is often localized as "Mama Mtilie." The literal translation is a "food pouring mother." In this case, "ugali," "maharagwe," "mchicha" and "ndizi" are the usual bit. Street food is appreciated by many tourists and some are enthusiasts who prefer to take the recipes back home. Specialized barbecues are a local favorite.

The Chef's is one of the most long-standing local eatery which is very conveniently located and offers classic local cuisine at affordable prices. It features vegetarian dishes, non-vegetarian delights, as well as a few intercontinental meals with intriguing local and foreign twists. Recommended to all the people out there who feel that metropolitan cuisines are far better than authentic versions of the same dishes.

Lebanese delights are as exciting and tangy as inserting a flavor-bursting lollipop in the mouth. Hummus, "shawarmas," "falafels" and "pilafs" are available a few blocks from Samora Avenue at Al-Basha Lebanese restaurant. It is one of the many family-owned restaurants in Dar and captivates a huge crowd over the weekend. Head chef Manssor says that they almost work non-stop on public holidays and Sundays, and that the entire restaurant could be run on one of the most famous menu items- "kheer"- which is an emulsion of saffron-cladded smoked rice with a thick milk and cream mascarpone garnished with pistachios and almonds.

Mediterraneo, an Italian beach side resort and waterfront restaurant is a classic foreign endeavor to change in environment and location. Located on the most famous shoreline in Dar, it brings forth an idealistic combination of Italiano and Spanish dishes that would leave nothing to imagination. The "Ravioli ai Crotacei" is one that tops the Michelin star ratings with shellfish filled internal structure with a cream of Zucchini sauce. 
The friendly staff and the serene sound of the Indian Ocean waves hitting against the depths of the Earth and the warm smiles on the faces of satisfied customers reassures everybody of any worry of disappointment.
Khana Khazana, situated on the main Old Bagamoyo Road, has ample parking and is rated as the best Indian restaurant in the city. If you seek for a wonderful grill platter of cottage cheese, "Sheesh kebabs" and "Dal Makhani," then Khana Khazana couldn't have been more perfect. The restaurant has a branch next to the Grand Hyatt Hotel that features live entertainment and buffet breakfasts every Sunday. For more details, visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/Khana-Khazana/210686838946973. The Indian Chef management team execute the collaborative effort to make it a worthwhile place to dine on a lovely weekend night. Weekend shenanigan for ideal family jams!  
From dining in the streets to dining at executive restaurants, Dar-es-Salaam puts in place exhilarating and at times fruitful eating experiences that remain treasured for a lifetime. With cupcakes and cornfields come endless oceans and contemplations. On this note, we end our first chapter of a new three-hundred-and-sixty-five page book. We hope to write a good one!

Stay suttin',
Megha Sharma and Inaara Gangji, 10A.